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feat. Nadia Basurto

About the project

Painting soundscapes grounded in simplicity, Pedro Díaz Trío offers a multi-cultural fusion that brings together Latinamerican music, jazz and chamber music.

Created with devotion by the Canarian musician Pedro Díaz (guitar) joined by Nadia Basurto (vocals), Emilio Parrilla (clarinet) and Alessio Bruno (contrabass), and through a collection of short stories wrapped in nostalgia, love and life that forge a bond between the artists and the listener willing to enjoy a close and relaxed ambiance, Pedro Díaz Trío is a sure bet far from conventionalisms and brimming with sensitivity

The Trio



Spanish jazz clarinet and saxophone player. Emilio Parrilla is an eclectic jazz musician. His musical career is closely related to latin, klezmer and theatre music.

He has collaborated on different projects like T.H.E.O., 66Whales,  Gwilym Simcock and Norma Winstone with J. Ruocco´s Big Band, or Pedro Diaz Trio. As well he has worked with different musicians like Julian Sanchez, Ilja Reijngoud, Yoojin Ko, Jordi Cassagne or Miguel Vargas. With these, and others projects, Emilio Parrilla has run theaters and clubs in Europe and Asia. As well as different festivals from Spain, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Poland,  Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Netherland: North Sea Jazz Festival, Taichung Jazz Festival, Delft Jazz Festival, Cambaya Blues Festival, Lowlands Paradise Festival, Siena Acquaviva Festival, Leiden Musik Festival.

Emilio currently lives in Netherlands and he focus his activity to compose and play in different music projects. With the Emilio Parrilla Acoustic Band, he is looking for a personal sound, close to chamber music, cool jazz and avant garde. 

As composer he is working mostly with dance and theatre companies. With the composition "El Soberao" he got the first prize PAD 2015 to the best original composition for dance show. With different projects and companies like Cuentacuentos Gatopez, Pepeperezcuentacuentos, Storyteller jazz project or Incubo Teatro, Emilio has explored the relationship between storytelling, theater, dance and jazz. ​



Nadia starts to sing as starts to talk, at a very young age. 

Studies at The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague graduating Cum Laude in Jazz Singing in 2012, while works in different musical projects from traditional jazz to boleros and sambas, passing through hip hop and electronic vibes.

Life and travels forge a voice that contains drama, joy, warmth and cool vibe that creates a roller-coaster of her live performances, a whole experience for the ears, and also for the eyes.



Classical and jazz musician, after getting the degree at the conservatory of Modena (Italy), continues his studies at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague where he completed a musical path that varies from chamber music to contemporary jazz.

He won many scholarships: Umbria jazz 2005, Sant’Anna Arresi 2007; and jazz competitions: Conad jazz 2013 with the trio”Slanting Dots”, Tuscia in jazz 2013 with”Joe midnights space trio”, “Jazz by the pool 2014”, “Fara Jazz 2015” and “Barga Jazz 2015” with Zadeno trio.

He performed in many jazz clubs and festivals in Europe such as “Umbria jazz winter”, “Varsavia Jazz festival”, “North sea jazz festival”, Fara Jazz Festival and many others.

He plays in different original projects like Zadeno Trio, Slanting Dots, Joe Midnights Space Trio, Uvira/Bruno/Hafizi Trio, Pedro Diaz Trio and many others.

He Recorded various albums in different styles, from latin : Tango Extremo and Pedro Diaz Trio to contemporary jazz: Slanting Dots, Joe Midnights Space Trio, Zadeno Trio and music for theater shows.

He played and collaborate in different ensambles and context, with several great musicians like Ben van den Dungen, Rob van Kreveld, Erik Ineke, Polo Orti, Ivan Valentini, Luca Aquino, Gerardo Rosales etc…

Nowadys he is attending a Master Degree course in Jazz at Codarts in Rottedam and he plays in many 

different countries of Europe, among the others: Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany, Bulgaria.

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